Condylomatosis – manifestation of infection caused by the human papilloma virus. HPV virus (known more than 100 form) affects various parts of the human skin and mucous membranes, resulting in the appearance of epithelial growths with following malignancy (occurrence of cancer).

When the virus is on the skin of a person it is appear warts. On men virus causes the appearance of genital warts. In women, the virus infects the skin of the external genitalia and is usually manifested in the form of genital warts on the genital lips.

Condyloma photo

In the area of the anus in both men and women, virus also leads to the appearance of genital warts. Vaginal and cervical mucosa viral lesion is manifested in the form of flat warts. Flat warts mucosa are most dangerous because of the high risk of malignancy. As the disease develops without striking symptoms, the presence of warts may be the only subjective symptom of the disease.

Are condyloma dangerous?

Unfortunately, despite the seeming harmlessness of condyloma, they are very dangerous. In fact, when viral warts are occurring on the burgeoning tissue is similar to processes when tumor occurs. Therefore, condylomatosis can be attributed to a precancerous condition. Medical studies have shown that the presence of cervical cancer increases the risk of warts in fifty times. In addition, if the friction of clothing, ulcerated, may injure the wart become inflamed and bleed, interfere with normal sexual life, cause aesthetic and psychological discomfort.

In addition to genital warts, human papilloma virus leads to the formation of papilloma’s of various kinds, among which the simple papilloma (often localized on the fingers and on knees in children), plantar papilloma flat papillomavirus (usually on the face and hands), filamentous papilloma (usually affects people between the ages 40 years).

Diagnosis of genital condyloma

Typically, diagnosis of warts is straightforward and takes place on the first visit to the dermatologist in Vitaclinika. During the appointment doctor will do tests to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the type of virus. If necessary, the doctor takes the material for histological examination.

Condylomatosis Treatment

It is important to understand that warts rarely pass without an appropriate timely treatment. It is also important to know that modern medicine does not have a drug that would allow healing the disease. Vaccination against HPV virus is capable of preventing virus infection but already existing manifestations of the disease in the form of condylomatosis vaccination cannot help. The most modern and effective method is to remove the candiloma with laser.

Condilomatosis treatment during pregnancy is recommended to carry out at the earliest stages of pregnancy. Condilomatosis treatment with medication to pregnant women is contraindicated. It is important of curing the disease in all sexual partners at the same time. Otherwise, the disease may recur rather due to reinfection.