Lipoma (fatty tumor)

What is a lipoma?

Lipoma is placed directly under our skin benign tumor consisting mainly of fatty tissue called lipoma. Classical lipoma is located directly under the skin, the area is hard, size of a pea, painless at a palpation and moves under slight pressure. Usually lipoma is visible to the naked eye, because it forms a bump on the skin. It size usually does not exceed the size of bean grain, but in neglected cases the tumor can be significant. Localization of lipomas maybe the most diverse, the tumor can develop in any part of the body where there is fatty tissue.

Why lipomas grow?

It is believed that the recently lipomas has emerged more. Many doctors call upon the appearance of lipomas first with a changed way of life, decreased physical activity throughout life, as well as changes in the composition of food and the use of a significant amount of artificial food additives.

Lipoma photo

Lipoma or lymph node?

Lipoma looks like an enlarged and swollen lymph node. However, from the lymph node it is easy to distinguish it, since the appearance of lymph node is often associated with fever, any infectious or inflammatory disease.

Lymph nodes are located at certain places of the human body, while lipoma may be localized in any part of the body where there is subcutaneous fat. Lymph node can often be painful when pressed – lipoma is painless.

Are lipomas dangerous?

As a benign tumor, the lipoma is not a threat to human life and, as a rule; the main indication for the removal of lipomas is an aesthetic disadvantage. However, there is a real danger to health. Lipoma may become infected and then its removal will be much more discomfort and have a much more unpleasant aesthetic effects, as in the case of the cut will be much more purulent, and the scar from the operation will be much more noticeable.

How to remove?

In the Internet there are a large number of so-called recipe for the treatment of lipomas using plants, “Golden mustache” films, from raw eggs, garlic, celandine, and even cinnamon, but we have to warn- lipomas absolutely cannot be pierced, squeezed, or treat yourself at home. There is risk of developing an abnormal proliferation of adipose tissue and the development of dangerous purulent infection. The most appropriate way to safely get rid of lipomas quickly, comfortably and without any aesthetic inconveniences – is the removal of lipomas surgically.

In Vitaclinika usually removal of lipoma may be held on the same day. After consultation dermatologist (and if necessary, a surgeon) choose most suitable way for removing – using conventional scalpels or laser.

Video: Laser removal of lipomas

The surgical removal is held in a convenient and comfortable treatment room under local anesthesia in appropriate sterile conditions by a qualified surgeon and only takes a few minutes. The incision to remove uncomplicated lipomas is very small and often do not even require suturing.


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