What is Peeling?

peeling photoPeeling is a procedure used for cosmetic improvement of skin or for the treatment of some diseases of the skin.

Chemical exfoliating agents are applied to the skin to remove skin cells at superficial, moderate, or deep layers so that new skin can grow and resurface the damaged or diseased areas.

It is a treatment available to people of all ages and it can begin as early as age 25 to 30 when the first effects of photoaging (damaging effects of sunlight on skin) begin to be visible on facial skin.

Treatment offers a way to peel off the appearance of age by removing the fine wrinkles and skin roughness caused by photoaging.

Peeling of superficial layers of skin is not appropriate for deep photo damage or skin defects such as acne scars.

Moderate to deep peeling, alone or in combination with other skin rejuvenation procedures such as soft-tissue augmentation, may be necessary when defects lie deeper than the surface layer of skin.

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