Pediatrician receives children aged 0-18 years.  Upon receipt, the doctor will evaluate the child’s physical development, and explores his state of mind, the assessment of the child’s health and gives the health, educational, breastfeeding recommendations.

 pediatrician photoDue to the very high potential of illness in childhood, Vitaclinika’s pediatrician knows how to diagnose diseases at different ages, as well as investigate symptoms and treat infectious diseases.

A pediatrician at the reception will be providing information about the child’s health, collect data, investigate complaints, medical history, carry out the necessary medical examinations, tests, and makes an initial examination. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe the necessary additional tests and further studies determine treatment, or if indicated, refer for consultation of another specialist.

The most common diseases children have in Estonia are infectious diseases (such as acute respiratory infections, influenza, rubella, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox, etc.). Quite often the pediatrician is faced with food poisoning, therapeutic diseases: cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases (such as acute and chronic bronchitis), urinary tract disorders (cystitis, pyelonephritis child), nervous system disorders, endocrine disease of childhood.