Rosacea and vascular stars

Photo - Couperose before (left) and after 3 procedures

Photo – Couperose before (left) and after 3 procedures

Telangiectasia (vascular “stars”) and rosacea on the face

Telangiectasia in the form of individual vessel, vascular “star” or vascular “spiders” is enlarged capillaries and blood vessels of the skin. Mostly telangiectasia is located on the face and it gives certain aesthetic discomfort to the person. Also often attract attention spider veins on the legs. Telangiectasia can appear as pink and light pink spots. Extensive telangiectasia can cause patient complaints about “red nose like Santa Claus” or “continuously rosy cheeks like matryoshka”. Due to the stagnation of blood in the vascular mesh blood circulation  and skin nutrition is disturbed, wich consequently leads to development of unpleasant deseases such as rosacea on face.

Teleangiektaasia Vitaclinika 2019

Angioma and hemangioma

Besides spider veins, vessels may form overgrown angiomas or hemangiomas – which appear as dark red isolated spots of various diameters (from a few millimeters to a centimeter or more) and come up to the surface of the skin. Angiomas may be located almost in any area of the skin in the body, not just in the face.Hemangioomi eemaldamine IMG_9486IMG_3624 Suur hemangioom lõual2

Laser removal of vessels, angiomas and hemangiomas

The real breakthrough in the treatment of these deseases is the use of the laser theraphy.Electrocagulation did not allow to adjust the dept and magnitute and sometimes a small size vessel (less then 1 mm) was technically very difficult to treat. Because of physical properties the laser treatment is always more effective and safe than other procedures. In VITACLINIKA we use only laser to treat vascular lesions.


before and after photo


Kapillaaride eemaldamine ninal Vitaclinika 1 protseduur 2020Laser surgery

Laser surgery has a short recovery period and uncomplicated post-operative care, which is is an important factor for both the doctor and the patient. Of course the laser is complex medical devise and work on it requires an appropriate level of staff to achieve the required results. Our doctors have experience with laser equipment over 10 years. For more advice make your appointment in VITACLINIKA by phone or online.