Photorejuvenation (IPL) at first we have to note that it is not in any way related to photography.

This conventional procedure refers to a medical procedure, during that procedure you will see an intense pulsed light (Intense Pulsed Light – IPL) on well-defined wavelength. In modern medical invention. That modern medical invention IPL device appeared a few years ago to the medical clinic. IPL devices passed all the necessary clinical trials and is considered to be completely safe and officially authorised for use in Europe.

To who photo rejuvenation is recommended?

Mainly in patients for who the IPL photorejuvenation is particularly popular are young ladies aged 30 years. More and more men are finally starting to pay attention to their appearance and visit doctors at Vitaclinika.

Is it dangerous?Photorejuvenation 2 photo

Photorejuvenation procedure is painless and non-invasive (there are not made injections or incisions) and does not cause drastic changes in the skin (except gentle flushing) it is important information to the patient who will spend time in a public place after the procedure. Mild redness usually goes away after 60 minutes. The procedure is completely safe for the patient.

What are the effects of photorejuvenation?

The procedure improves facial skin metabolism in result wrinkles become lighter and smooths complexion. Photorejuvenation acts at the cellular level, reduces inflammatory processes, pigmented spots become lighter, capillaries and stars disappear.


A bit of a negative terms

As usual, in addition to rejuvenation unfortunately this procedure also has a negative side and that is important to know. The main drawback – unfortunately this procedure is not cheap. For photorejuvenation Vitaclinika use the leading company Lumenis modern equipment and procedures are performed by certified physicians who have higher medical education, because the procedure can cost tens to hundreds of euros and is necessary to achieve lasting results of treatment 3-4 times.

How often should I come to the photorejuvenation procedure?

Several internet sites gives information and recommends photorejuvenation procedures up to 7 times 3 to 4 weeks apart. In Vitaclinika based on our own experience (as well as on the basis of the manufacturer’s recommendations), we recommend 3 to 4 IPL photorejuvenation sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart.After the first procedure is done you can see the reaction of the skin and 2-3 procedures are needed in order to see the permanent results.

Photorejuvenation video:

Who must not do photorejuvenation treatment?

  • afro-american
  • people who have naturally dark skin
  • after intense tanning including solarium tanning
  • patients suffering from thyroid diseases
  • pregnancy
  • patients suffering from oncological diseases
  • for people who have the skin disease in an active phase

How is photorejuvenation procedure conducted?

All our patients come to our clinic before the procedure for consultation. The doctor interviews the patient then chooses the depth of the laser power that suits the patient and introduces a proposed treatment tactics.

Photorejuvenation photo


The procedure is carried out by certified doctor and patient is in a comfortable anatomical couch. The patient will wear a special protective glasses. The area that will be treated with IPL laser is covered with a special gel that has a pleasing and cooling effect. Then the doctor processes the skin of a patient step by step with IPL pulses. Photorejuvenation procedure usually takes 50 minutes. After the treatment the gel will be removed from the face and the skin will kept cold with gel pouches then doctor will applies to the skin Bepanthen moisturiser. After the procedure the patient must not go to sauna, take intensive sunbathing (up to 4 weeks), do active sports (for 1 week). Baltic sun is usually not so intense, but the tourist trip to the hot sun is not recommended. Patient must also use sun protection creams from April to September.

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