Corns and calluses on the foot

Our feet are constantly endured over a variety of challenges: incorrect or high-heeled shoes, a lack of vitamins and so on. Very often, these circumstances create a variety of problems such as corns or ingrowing nails. Corn on the foot can occur due infections. How to get rid of painful tumours forever?

Replacing the scalpel and toxic drugs, there is a new and safe method – laser removal. Before laser treatment patient will get consultation. If the problem is caused by a fungus or a disease, then it is necessary to treat the underlying reasons, otherwise laser removal is no effective. And if it is ingrown nail, it should be also removed. Many patients in a diagnostic stage decide to treat corn themselves independently, naively assuming that corn is not a serious problem. Such action will not bring anything good. Unfortunately ointments cannot remove callus.

Corns photoIndications for laser treatments:

  • Itching and pain
  • Corn discolorations
  • Changes in the skin around the corn
  • Edema and nodes

Of course, it is better not to wait for symptoms and immediately if callus arise, come for a consultation to doctor.

Contraindications for the procedure

Despite the fact that laser surgery is safe, it is a serious operation, which requires not only a skilled physician, but also of certain conditions, in particular the absence of any contraindication. The latter include:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding period
  • Oncological diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Diseases of the skin, skin lesions, open wounds
  • Diabetes
  • In the acute stage of infectious diseases
  • The tendency to scar formation
  • Age up to 15 years

Corn removal with laser

The laser is the most effective method of combating with corns. Unlike surgical removal, the laser surgery is gentle and quick method. In most cases, the procedure is carried out with CO2 laser. Regardless of the CO2 laser that is used, it does not change the impact energy of the light beam that is absorbed in the superficial layers of the skin. It heats up and vaporizes the skin of pathologically altered cells. It also removes harmful bacteria and infections, avoiding the occurrence of inflammation. As a result, the patient is released from the corn which is offensive and painful. During the procedure, healthy tissue remain intact.

How the procedure is conducted

It is important that procedure will be done only after consultation by dermatologist. The corn will be removed less than in 10 minutes and is performed as follows:

  • The patient will seat in a special chair
  • Doctor will do local anesthesia
  • Corn will be treated with an antiseptic solution
  • Corn will be removed by laser
  • The wound will be bandaged
  • After the procedure, the patient can go home

Recovery period

In order to achieve greater impact from laser surgery must follow the relevant recommendations:

Do not damage the shell that is on the wound, it will heal itself, forming a new skin in the place of corn.

  • avoid spending a long time in the water
  • avoid saunas and bath
  • take care of the wound according to the doctor’s instructions, it can be cleaned with antiseptic solution
  • healing does not take more than a few weeks at a time

Before you decide, focus on the laser treatment advantages and weaknesses.

Laser surgery Disadvantages:

  • Possible scars
  • The cost of laser surgery
  • Contraindications

Advantages of laser surgery:

  • The high efficiency of the laser, it completely removes callus-avoiding formation of a new corn
  • Minimal risk of infection. The laser kills the infection, sterile environment
  • The procedure is bloodless and painless. The operation takes place under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel anything
  • Rapid recovery after surgery, the patient may return to the normal pace of life
  • To get rid of the callus is needed one session, which lasts for a few minutes

There is no better tool than the laser treatment of the callus. Callus removal with laser is completely safe, fast and effective.


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