Birthmark removal

Removal of birthmark in VITACLINIKA (in Tallinn) photo

Birthmark removal – is a serious matter. Usually not large birthmarks (moles) on human body does not look unnatural. However, birthmark of a large coin, or large volume birthmark on a persons face can cause a lot of discomfort. Similarly a mole can create discomfort if it is exposed to constant mechanical irritation.

For these patients VITACLINIKA offers a simple and painless procedure for removing unwanted moles.

Part of the moles are on human body from birth. Another part – may appear during the lifetime of human. The structure of the moles is a pigmented vascular congestion. By type there are mostly pigment moles (frecles, lentigo) either predominantly vascular (papillomatous nevi and angioma).

Removal of birthmark - the results before and after photo

It is important to know that self removal of moles is extremely dangerous possibility of complications to the health and even the life of the patient. Especially close attention should be paid to the moles size, shape or colour which suddenly began to change. In such case you should immediately consult a doctor. The decision as to what method and what a mole can be removed in any case have to take specialist.

In our clinic all suspicious moles compulsorily subjected to histological examination. All the basic research and the study of skin moles under a special microscope can be carried out directly during the first consult. Depending on the type and characteristics of your moles decision on how to remove it: general surgery or with laser. Procedure to remove a mole takes less time than half an hour.

To get professional consultation make an appointment to our dermatologist.

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