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Skin diseases and cosmetology are conservative in some respects, such as the head and the hat and you cannot treat one without another! Therefore, a dermatologist and the doctor- beautician collaboration between the two is very important!

When human skin is healthy but physiologically dry, greasy or mixed type, he needs expert care to prevent skin lesions. For example, a wide oily skin is excellent opportunity for invasion of bacteria on the skin, stimulates the proliferation Demodex`i saprophyte protozoa and becoming a cause of inflammation. All this can be relevant for cosmetic procedures (to constrict the pores and sebaceous glands that inhibit masks) to anticipate.

A well-known acne on the face skin and on the shoulders are successfully treatable. If the disease is very severe and widespread, you have to begin treatment with doctor, and then add to the treatment process skin cleaning, masks and referred to massages.

After face laser peeling, when young epidermis is growing, you have to care it very carefully as doctor recommends. Cutaneous laser removal or a small wrinkle smoothing with Restylane, is a relatively short-term effect, unless it is followed skin rejuvenation cosmetic procedures.

With thin, split, or „frayed„ nails should first consult a physician to switch off disease grounds. If they do not, continue treatment with a professional beautician / manicurist or cosmetologist / pedicure at the complex where the respective tools are able to change into beautiful and healthy nails again. In addition to specialist consultation in the future.

Skin diseases in collaboration with doctors and beauticians patient can get clearly better therapeutic results and the desired effect is longer lasting.

Oksana Gerassimenko

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