Herpes — is a chronic viral disease that damages the human genome and, when immunity is reduced, manifests itself as a blistering rash on the mucous membranes and on the skin.


Only one in ten people in the world is not infected with herpes. Once in the body, the herpes virus remains in our body forever.

However, herpes may not necessarily manifest itself – in most cases the virus is completely asymptomatic. So why is herpes so dangerous?


How to get infected with herpes

The most common ways of contracting herpes ( from person to person )

  1. sexual
  2. airborne
  3. generic
  4. contact ( through the objects of everyday life, places of general use )

Herpes manifests itself at the time of a decrease in immunity in the carrier. That is why herpetic eruptions often occur after a sudden hypothermia, in periods of hormonal surges, on the background of stress, pregnancy, acceptance of alcohol and so forth.

Cold on the lip – is it worth to worry?

Typically, cold sores make themselves known a few times a year and disappear quickly with antiviral creams. In this case, the transmission of the virus is not usually harmful to the health and life of the patient.

If the blisters occur more frequently, are not solitary, but are numerous and persistent or localized to the skin or genitals besides the lips, the patient should consult a dermatologist to determine the condition and treatment.

Do I have herpes?

Up to 60% of herpes carriers do not suspect themselves of this infection and can infect their partners sexually even if they do not have the symptoms of the disease themselves. Only laboratory diagnosis can provide a reliable answer to the question “Am I infected with herpes virus?”

Types of viruses

The symptoms of herpes are very diverse. Medicine is aware of 8 types of virus, the most common are three types:

  • Type I (main symptom – blistering of the lips)
  • Type II (affecting the genital system)
  • Type III (causes chickenpox, shingles)


Symptoms of Infection

The most common symptom is a blistering rash on the lips or genitals. Before the onset of rash, itching and discomfort at the site of blistering are characteristic.

 However, sometimes the symptoms of herpes can be completely different symptoms: cracks in the perineum, abnormal discharge, sore and dull ache in the lower abdomen, symptoms of radiculitis, etc.

Herpes treatment

Herpes should be treated by a doctor. Depending on the type of herpes infection and the individual characteristics of the patient, the physician will select a treatment program based on the type of viral infection and the patient’s immune status. Treatment should be complex and include not only topical acyclovir containing medicinal products but also immunosuppressive therapy, generic antiviral therapy with acyclovir preparations. With the help of a doctor, you can reduce the number of exacerbations of herpes infection or even get rid of it.

In the case of frequent manifestations of herpetic infections, independent treatment is contraindicated and may lead to further damage to the immune system.

Urgent prophylaxis of herpes manifestations

Acyclovir-containing creams and ointments (Acic, Zovirax, Fenivir, Acyclovir, etc.) are recommended to prevent rash on the lips.

Cosmetic balms with petroleum jelly and allantoin are suitable for comfort, moisturising lips and treating lip fractures. After healing it is advisable to replace the toothbrush and toothpaste.

How to cure?

When herpes manifestations are intense, the virus not only damages the mucous membranes, but also the genitals and skin, or its lips occur more than 2-3 times a year, it is worth considering coming to Vitaclinika dermatologist.


Without the help of a qualified doctor, it is not possible to recover completely from damage to the immune system.

In Vitaclinika doctor will prescribe and perform the necessary examinations, conduct an individual course of treatment, and after normalising immunity, the recurrence of viral infection will be significantly reduced or eliminated. It is important to realise that even with a complete recovery of the immune system, it is impossible to eliminate the virus completely from the body, but that the virus is not expressed in any way when the immune system is functioning normally.

Popular anti-herpes medicines

If for some reason antiviral treatment is not available, then natural treatment is helpful. Very strong tea (with tanning properties) and tea tree oil and sage (natural antiseptics) can be used to eliminate itching and speed up the healing of lip rash.

Prevention and nutrition

In addition to boosting immunity, a “anti-herpes diet” is used to prevent herpes.

The diet is based on the fact that the amino acid arginine is required for the herpes virus to function. By increasing the concentration of another amino acid, lysine, in the body, which is very similar in structure to arginine, the virus mistakenly uses it as a ‘twin brother’ and result is death.

This hypothesis was tested by our colleagues at the Maio Clinic (USA) and found that reaching 1 gram of lysine reduces the number of herpes flares by 2.

The amount of lysine in the body can be increased naturally by eating dairy products, curd, fish, eggs and meat. Low lysine avocados, beans, dried apricots. Foods should also contain enough zinc and vitamins A, C and E.

At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the amount of arginine-containing products needed by the virus. These are chocolate and all wheat flour products.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes (type II) is much more dangerous than type I. Genital herpes can cause infertility, and manifestations of infection during pregnancy can cause serious fatal illness and miscarriage.

In order to detect herpes before or during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a qualified doctor in a timely manner.


How is genital herpes infected?

It is a common misconception that genital herpes can be contracted in saunas, sports clubs or swimming pools, but this is not the case. The main route of infection is sexual. The virus is also passed from mother to child, for example in breast milk.


Shingles and chicken pox are also herpes!

Type III herpes virus causes very unpleasant diseases by involving not only the mucous membranes but also the normal skin.

Often the primary symptoms of herpes zoster are reminiscent of a rheumatic attack, aching ribs, sacrum, and the pain is of a notice nature. Body temperature may rise, general feeling of being weak. Within a few days, pinkish patches appear on the skin and eventually a blistering rash.

Dangerous complications of herpes zoster include persistent damage to the nervous system (including inflammation of the auditory and facial nerves, hearing and visual impairment) and secondary bacterial infections. Therefore, all cases of herpes zoster require careful medical supervision.

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