Medical services

In VITACLINIKA there are various modern multipurpose laser systems which confirm that VITACLINIKA is one of the few centers in Europe today that can offer the widest spectrum of services on laser skin correction and surgery. In the Center, laser is used in general, vascular and plastic surgery, as well as in dermatology and cosmetology procedures.


Medical services in Vitaclinika 2 photoThe unique medical cosmetic procedures

A wide range of most advanced cosmetology equipment, the latest breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine, the newest generation of professional natural cosmetics and the widest knowledge and experience of the top experts at VITACLINIKA are there to guide you through the world of cosmetology.

The newest rooms for diagnostics and general procedures

Established in spring 2002 and equipped with the most perfect technologies and the latest laser systems VITACLINIKA meets the highest standards of the European Union and Estonia. Special computer and video systems ensure the safety and efficacy of all procedures and help the doctors and nurses take the best care of the patients.


Medical services in Vitaclinika 3 photo

The professionally skilled doctors

In VITACLINIKA qualified doctors and surgeons with extensive experience use advanced and reliable diagnostics and treatment methods for various types of disorders. The choice of techniques is not dictated by “fashion”, but determined by safety and efficacy, which are defined according to the scientific research and personal experience of the doctors.