Dr. Sergei Ponomarjov

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Haridus :

2009-2015 University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine, Tartu, Estonia

2015-2019 West Tallinn Central Hospital, Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital, Tallinn, Estonia


Töökogemus :

2012-2014  Nurse (Department of General Surgery) Tartu University Clinic, Tartu, Estonia

2013-2013  Assistant Physician (Department of Internal Medicine), Narva Hospital, Narva, Estonia

2014            Assistant Doctor, General Practitioner in Finland (Attendo Estonia OÜ)

2017-2018  Doctor at Ole-Lukoe Children’s Camps

Täiendharidus :

  • Obligatory training at the Women’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital
  • Transabdominal cervical cerclage. Ectopic pregnancy. Progesterone use in early pregnancy.
  • Research of scientific literature in databases. Design, execution and documentation of a search strategy.
  • LAG principles. 2016
  • Training for victims of sexual violence
  • Simulation Training on Shoulder Dystocia, LTKH PSM
  • Breastfeeding Counseling Training, LTKH PSM
  • Nexplanon Installation Training
  • Training in interpretation of LAGs. LTKH PSM
  • PCOS Phenotypes, Lecture, Enrico Carmina
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar “The Eggs”

Keeleoskus :

Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish

Ühingud :

Member of the Estonian Society of Gynecologists

Attended conferences

  • ENS conferences.
  • XXVI Annual Conference of the Estonian Perinatology Society.
  • Joint Meeting of the Estonian Society of Gynecologists and the Estonian Endocrinology Society
  • Joint Meeting of the Estonian Society of Gynecologists (ENS) and the Estonian Society of Radiology (ERU) “Modern Opportunities in Radiology in Obstetrics and Gynecology”
  • NFOG 2018, Congress and Foreign Exchange Program, Denmark
  • European Perinanatological Society congress 2018, St. Petersburg