Treatment of hemorrhoids and other rectum disorders
Treatment of haemorrhoidal nodes by ligature (imposition of rubber rings on the haemorrhoidal nodes).

Make Rectal Pain Go Away

There is no reason to live with the pain associated with hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, constipation or other similar symptoms. We can help remove or reduce these symptoms making your life better.

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Proctology is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the colon, rectum or anus. As a liscensed Proctologist, as a well as Dr. Natalja Žilkina is an expert at removing or reducing the pain from hemorrhoids. Additionally, she is able to diagnose and treat anal rectal lesions, anal rectal cancer, rectal bleeding, constipation and other rectum related issues.

Hemorrhoids are veins in the rectum or around the anus that have become enlarged, swollen or inflamed. Usually, the symptoms are pain or itching around the anal area, or blood on the toilet tissue. Other symptoms are pressure, feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bowel or a tender protrusion from the anus. Like any medical condition, if hemorrhoids go unchecked they can become a cause for serious concern. In office, non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments are available that are relatively painless, about 95% effective, and do so with minimal disruption in your work schedule or lifestyle.

Rectal Bleeding can be a sign of hemorrhoids, irritated colon, anal rectal lesions, anal fissures or fistulas. Bleeding can also be a sign of a more serious medical condition such as colorectal cancer. These conditions are treatable if diagnosed early.

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If necessary, clinic has the opportunity to do all necessary outpatient procedures: opening of suppuration in the rectum, removal of polyps, etc. In case of detection of serious diseases in the Vitaclinika, outpatient procedures are carried out, including ligation of hemorrhoids, non-surgical treatment of anal fissures, and, if necessary , various modern operations are carried out to remove hemorrhoids under general anesthesia. Among them – THD operation under ultrasound control, which is performed without a scalpel.

Surgical treatment is carried out in a comfortable and modern own operating room. The treatment is carried out by professional proctologists with extensive experience in the largest hospitals in Estonia.

Surgeon-Proctologist Natalja Žilkina, chief physician of Vitaclinika

Surgeon-proctologist Kaur Liivak

Surgeon-proctologist Dmitrii Fedorov


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