JetPeel peeling

The JetPeel System is making a big splash in the skin rejuvenation market and has replaced microdermabrasion for some users.

JetPeel peeling photo

This unique device directs a stream of saturated micro-roplets, pomprised of oxygen and saline, against the skin – creating a local high-pressure zone (1-3 atmospheres), which simultaneously oxygenates, hydrates and ex-foliates the treatment area.

The 200 meter per second, supersonic micro-flow of JetPeel is made possible by a highly proprietary, patented nozzle headpiece that functions as micro droplet accelerator.

Its like a high pressure washing of your face, with oxygen going through it. It really cleans out the pores.

A typical session lasts about 30 minutes for a full face. The results are fantastic for acne, skin rejuvenation and skin lightening. For acne, results can be seen in only one session. However, for fine lines and wrinkles, five or six sessions are normally required.

The whole body can be treated by JetPeel and after one session, the skin texture is improved and the skin looks more radiant. The skin also has a more youthful appearance.

The JetPeel allows a very deep cleansing of the pores. And depending on the number of passes, it could effectively take off the outer keratin layer of the skin. Using oxygen also allows a greater penetration and absorption of the oxygen.

This is an exciting, significant, non-invasive method to assist the patient with photo damaged skin or early hydrides in resurfacing the skin with minimal downtime.

JetPeel 2 photoJetPeel peeling is used:

  • for Skin resurfacing
  • to combat age-related changes
  • for moisturising the skin
  • in the treatment of acne and post-acne
  • for lymphatic drainage and lifting the of the face and neck
  • for treatment of the scalp
  • for rapid and effective cleansing
  • for rehabilitation in the post-operative period.