Summer peeling

Chemical peeling is dangerous in the summer. What to do? There is answer to this question!

For many people chemical peeling is one way to clean and maintain a healthy skin. However, during the summer season is the chemical peeling associated with the risk involved in complications with intense sun exposure are at risk of permanent pigmentation, and for this reason – not recommended. What to do then?


The main danger of conventional chemical peeling in thePigmentatsioon peale pilingut  summer is a possibility of formation of pigmentation. Pigmentation may occur immediately, but only after 3-4 weeks after procedure.

Vitaclinika beautition recommend Jet Peel peeling!

Jet Peel was invented in Israel, it is a high-tech method of cleansing the skin. This method uses a special skin care lotion, which accelerates the oxygen-air mixture, and saline at supersonic speed. This method allows to safely handle the skin at a controlled pressure. Unlike chemical peelings, Jet Peel peeling not only gently cleans the skin, but also smooths wrinkles, improves lymphatic circulation, oxygenated tissues without damading them, and prevents complications.

The main advantages of Jet Peel:

  • Jet Peel is suitable for all seasons, it is advisable to replace the chemical peeling in summer time
  • Suitable for all skin types and body areas (including the face, hands, neck, decolletage, body)
  • The procedure is painless and pleasant
  • Jet Peel is not chemically aggressive and does not cause pigmentation

Video Jet Peel – summer peeling:

In our skin is located contaminated lipid toxins and excess sebum, dust, chemicals. Jet Peel  is just a gentle “washing” the skin surface clean of dirt procedure . Patients describe their feelings after a procedure “like a fresh breeze on my face.” The procedure effectively cleanses the face, but at the same time, it does not injure the skin and is not chemically aggressive. In addition to the Jet Peel cleaning during the procedure are peeled from the skin of old cells. The procedure is a result of stimulation of young skin cells, in addition to smoothed wrinkles and scars, improves skin elasticity and tone, reducing acne problems, the overall appearance of the skin improves and improves skin elasticity. Jet Peel massage effect is very special.The results are visible immediately after the procedure, which speaks of the appearance of the skin, the skin and the subjective feeling of lightness freshness. Jet Peel skin lifting and lymphatic massage is very effective.

Jet Peel procedure locally cools the bodypart where the Jet Peel procedure is done, intensifying blood flow in all layers of the skin. JetPeel procedure resulted spots on the skin become lighter or disappear completely, improves the complexion, increasing skin and cell elasticity, making the facial oval clearer. Combining the vitamins and minerals becomes Jet Peel procedure without needles Mesotherapy instrument.

Главной опасностью обычных химических пилингов летом является возможность образования пигментации. При этом интенсиваная пигментация может проявляться далеко не сразу, а лишь через 3-4 недели после химического пилинга.

The main danger of conventional chemical peeling in the summer is a possibility of formation of pigmentation. Pigmentation may occur immediately, but only after 3-4 weeks after procedure.

Jet Peel summer peeling (chemical peeling)The main indications for Jet Peel treatment are:

  • Natural skin aging
  • Dry skin
  • Skin tone decreasing
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne problem
  • Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • “Bags” under the eyes
  • Unsatisfactory complexion
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Skin imperfections
  • Aged, long-term spots

Vitaclinika chief doctor comment:

“Unlike chemical peelings, Jet Peel procedure is both fits for young and mature skin. This procedure has no contraindications: Jet Peel is contraindicated only in patients with the acute phase of infectious disease and cardiovascular disease”

How Jet Peel procedure look like?

You lie down in a comfortable anatomical sofa, relax and rest. According to your desire plays a nice relaxing music. At that time, the specialist removes from your face make-up. Then Jet Peel applicator directs air flow to the skin. The applicator against the skin does not touch the skin, acts as a harmless and environmentally friendly airflow. You feel only chill air. The procedure typically takes 25-30 minutes. In the case of deep peeling it takes 50 minutes. After the treatment the skin becomes smooth and fresh appearance.

Vitaclinika cosmetologist comment:

“Before the Jet Peel procedure it is necessary to remove make-up. This will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Procedure is completely safe and painless. In Vitaklinika this type of exfoliation is very popular in the summer, when chemical treatments are contraindicated.”

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