What is hair loss (alopecia)

Alopecia is called abnormal hair loss, leading to the appearance of the skin with a fully lost hairline. Not being an independent disease and it is not dangerous to human life, alopecia (hair loss) can be a symptom of serious health problems, and often becomes a serious psychological problem for both men and women.

From ancient times, human hair is associated with its vital force, health and beauty. Currently, the magical role of human hair do not confer, but “strong” and healthy hair is still a powerful sex symbol, and owner of lush head of hair attract the attention of the stronger sex, no less than the owner’s with graceful figure. Our appearance is largely determined by just hair.

For example, data of many studies suggest that the condition of the hair only slightly disturbs men as much as problems with sexual potency. In other words, baldness (alopecia) can be a significant problem.

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Why people have alopecia (hair loss)?

In fact, the causes of alopecia men and women are virtually identical, and can be divided into two large groups: external causes of baldness and internal causes of baldness.

External causes of baldness in men and women is primarily a stress expressed by psychological problems, unhealthy lifestyle, the physical impact on the scalp (temperature, physical trauma, chemical damage) or a combination of these factors.

By internal causes of baldness in men and women, include endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, metabolic disorders trace elements and vitamins, autoimmune diseases, genetically determined diseases and others.

The most common reason for the increase of daily hair loss is changes in hormonal balance known as androgenic alopecia (androgens – male sex hormones), alopecia occurs in both men and women and to 95% of cases of alopecia falls on this form of baldness.

Also from the existence of so-called alopecia areas form, its prevalence does not exceed 5%.

Other forms of baldness all together there are less than 1% of cases.

Androgenic alopecia

The average adult loses between fifty and a hundred single hair every day and the presence of hair on the comb is not yet a sign of incipient hair loss problem. However, intensive (increased compared with the usual), hair loss can actually be one of the first symptoms of incipient baldness.

In the case of androgenic alopecia, main cause of hair loss is the individual susceptibility of human hair follicles to the male hormone androgen. Moreover, for women in the case of high content of these hormones in the blood is enhanced hair loss across the scalp surface, and on men – on top of the head. That this is due to the typical form of baldness in men, and that is why women cannot have the same baldness form.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata may occur as in adult men, women and children. Alopecia areata usually starts with a few lesions on the head, but sometimes the disease begins with the beard area or even on eyebrows. The nature of this type of baldness is still not fully understood. In some cases, alopecia areata can be even overgrown. Approximately one-third of cases of the disease have signs of hereditary predisposition.

In a number of diseases, patchy hair loss is one of the symptoms (syphilis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatophytosis, trichotillomania, and so on.).

Along with hair loss rate of the breaker, failure protection is necessary to assess the growth of new hair. Thus, when a lot of stress, as well as certain metabolic disorders or deficiency of some vitamins and minerals may slow the growth of new hair, which also leads to baldness.

Hair Loss after pregnancy

Female sex hormones (estrogens), as opposed to men, contrary lengthen the life cycle of hair, for example during pregnancy, when the body produces a lot of estrogen, hair life cycle is greatly increased, resulting increase in the amount of hair, but immediately after birth estrogen levels naturally reduced, which leads to a massive loss of hair.

It should be noted that in addition to the above reasons, alopecia is one of the cancers chemotherapy treatment side effects.

Alopecia diagnosis

Alopecia diagnoses dermatologist (or doctor trichologist, specializing exclusively in hair diseases). However, patients often seek to solve the problem of household cosmetics without seeking professional doctor, which leads to the untimely provision of medical care and significantly worsens the prognosis for recovery.

It is important to understand that domestic shampoos, conditioners, supplements, and other cosmetic products for hair care products are not harmful, but are mainly aimed at concealing the problem of hair loss by artificially increasing the amount of “hair hats”. These drugs may be used to disguise hair loss problem, but to cure baldness.

In Vitaclinika for the prevention of baldness and effective struggle with hair loss used a number of highly effective medical practices, including a unique oxygen-peptide peeling against baldness JetPeel, mesotherapy and plasmalifting.

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