Specialty of gynecologist implies not only a thorough knowledge in health of the female reproductive system, but also modern diagnostic capabilities. Therefore, Vitaclinika gynecologist have relevant and modern medical education with regular surgical practice in the largest hospitals in Tallinn and regularly undergo improvement and professional development abroad.


According to generally accepted recommendations, women should visit gynecologist at least once a year, primarily for the prevention of serious gynecological diseases. Given the fact that many dangerous diseases of the female sphere, such as the erosion of the cervix, in the initial stages can be asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms, a visit to a good gynecologist with the appearance of even minor complaints is not only useful, but even necessary.




Consultation of gynecologist in Vitaclinika is indicated if:

– Change in the regular monthly cycle

– The intensity of the monthly menstrual cycle

– Menstrual periods have stopped or have little bleeding

– Unusual discharge

– Occasionally complains pain in the lower abdomen

– Impossible to get pregnant for a long time after abandoning the contraceptive pill

– If it is necessary to choose or change the hormonal contraceptive

– If there are complaints on the part of the external genitalia

– have a complaint during menopause

What happens during gynecological reception?

Gynecologist at the reception communicates with the patient, prepares patient’s medical history, considers the symptoms, and examines the existing medical documentation. During reception doctor will do vaginal examination, if necessary will take analysis. According to indication at a reception held vaginal ultrasound on modern diagnostic equipment.

Generally, the first reception allows evaluating the state of health of the reproductive system, or if necessary determining the treatment by making microbiological and other studies to confirm or clarify the diagnosis.

Vitaclinika gynecologist with transvaginal sonography can identify healthy state of the vaginal organs-uterus, uterine (fallopian) tubes and ovarian health. Thanks to the laboratory studies, it is possible to accurately determine presence or absence of infectious disease, control of hormones (progesterone, estrogen, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, and others), the level of which is influenced by the menstrual cycle.

Vitaclinika gynecologists deal with almost all of pelvic inflammatory disease (bacterial and viral infections, vaginosis, endometritis, and chlamydia infections caused by the human papilloma virus, urea, and toxo-mycoplasmosis, herpes diseases, sexually transmitted infections, etc.).

We will do everything to make your visit to gynecologist comfortable; always guaranteed full anonymity, convenience and decrease the waiting time, which is possible only in a cozy private clinic.

The reception time at Vitaclinika gynecologist, you can book by phone or online on webpage: