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G spot – what it is and why to increase it?

The point of the G, G point, Grafenberg point area S, G-spot, women prostate – all of these terms describe one particularly sensitive area in the mucosa of the anterior vaginal wall.

The small size cluster of highly sensitive “erectile” tissue located at a distance of about 5 cm from the vaginal entrance, the so-called point G, was found in the mid-20th century, by the famous German physician E. Grafenberg (so it is also called the Grafenberg point).

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During the intercourse G-spot “swells”, significantly increasing in size (up to three times) and in the end it leads to strong stimulation, clearly expressed orgasm in women, which is usually compared in strength with the male orgasm. G-spot is a natural anatomical structure responsible for the quality of the sexual life of women.

Quite often, as a result of individual anatomical or acquired structural features of the female organism (ex. after childbirth), G point can be positioned deeper, so that its natural stimulation is difficult.

In such cases, used method safely increase (augmentation) preparations based on hyaluronic acid leads to the G-spot more accessible for stimulation regardless of the posture, to make it more sensitive to achieve a more intense and bright orgasm, improving the quality of sexual life.


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To whom is this procedure indicated?

G-spot can be increased on young women, and women of any other sexually active age who due to vaginal anatomical features are deep-lying point G. Also, the increase in the G-spot is shown at small sizes this sensitive area. A separate indication for increasing the G-spot is its deep location and its lack of sensitivity, both congenital and acquired, for example after childbirth the structural features of the female organism, G point can be positioned deeper, so its natural stimulation can be difficult.

In such cases, using the method safely increasing (augmentation) medicine based on hyaluronic acid leads to the G-spot more accessible for stimulation regardless of the posture, to make it more sensitive to achieve a more intense and bright orgasm, improving the quality of sexual life.

What are the contraindications to increase the point of Grafenberg?

Contraindications for this procedure are few and they need to be known in advance. The main contraindications are allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid or anaphylactic reactions in history, acute infectious diseases, chronic diseases in the acute stage, collagen, local infectious lesions, haemophilia, mental illness, pregnancy, breast-feeding, age under 18 years.

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Expectations after procedure

Every body is different and the effect achieved in different women may be different, however, in all patients after the procedure, the G-spot becomes physically achievable at vaginal area. In addition, several narrows the lumen of the vagina, which also allows a woman to achieve more vivid sexual feelings. The procedure contributes to vaginal orgasm, which was before the procedure rarely attainable or achieved more difficult and was less intense, and many patients previously did not experience vaginal orgasm, after the procedure were able to experience it for the first time.

The effects of the G spot augmentation procedures

As a result of the use of hyaluronic acid in addition to improving sexual sensitivity during sexual intercourse, the procedure has a number of positive effects. First, improved hydro tissue augmentation in a zone, which leads to increased moisture of the vaginal mucosa. There is a rejuvinisation of augmentation zone. Improves the muscle tone of the vaginal wall, which leads to a more pronounced intimate feelings as a woman and her partner. Increased libido and comfort level of sexual activity in general, increases self-esteem, and increase women sexual attraction.

How does the procedure increasing the G spot take place?

Miniinvasive procedure, is performed in the comfortable private clinic situated in the centre of Tallinn. For the best result is used officially approved for medical use of hyaluronic acid fillers, which are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biocompatible with human tissues by 100%.

The essence of the procedure is augmentation (increase in volume) of the G spot for what would make it more accessible during sexual intercourse regardless of the physiological characteristics of the partners, and adopted poses. Patient will have local anesthesy. Then, in the augmentation area will be injected with hyaluronic acid using special method. This procedure takes just a few minutes.

No significant restrictions are provided by following the procedure. It is recommended to avoid sexual activity for a few days and for two weeks to avoid the sauna.

Result of the procedure is maintained for 5-9 months. The procedure is painless and completely reversible, patients can repeat the process if desired.

G-spot augmentation procedure in Vitaclinika performs plastic surgeon.


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